Frequently asked questions

What kind of locksmith services do you offer?

At 24 BH locksmiths, we provide complete lock repair and installation services. We do everything from rekeying locks, replacing electronic components, and remaking keycards and spare keys. We cater to residential, commercial, and automotive locks, and from door locks to safe lock installation, our technicians are trained to handle every locksmith job you require.

We also provide the installation of CCTV cameras, intercoms, and theft alarms and provide repairs for servers and admin control systems. Moreover, you can avail of garage door repairs and door openers installation, and unlocking services also.

Do you require any documentation for door unlocking and key making?

Yes, to unlock a building door lock or vehicle, we will require some original papers, id, or scanned copies of ownership documents to ensure there is no mishandling involved. When unlocking, you need to sign an authorization letter and give some kind of original proof of owning the vehicle or building, safe, etc., that you want us to unlock so that there are no legal issues later.

How much does a manual lock change cost?

The lock change charges vary according to the type of lock, the type of door, and whether it is commercial or residential. The costs range from around 50-500 $ and depend on the lock model you need to install and other materials.

Our visit and service charges start from 30-35$ and vary according to the work needed and time spent on the procedure. We provide three keys with each lock, and you can get more spare keys for extra charges.

Can you unlock the car door also?

Yes, we also unlock and install automotive door locks. We offer car door opening, remaking or transponder keys, and ignition unlocking. We also provide remote controls and car central locking system repairs. We have spare remote controls for all car models in our inventory so that you can get immediate replacements. Also, we can rekey the doors for security from misuse of lost keys.

Do you install complete access control systems in commercial projects?

We have a large fleet of technicians specialized in commercial locksmith services. Whether a small building or a mega commercial project, installing a centrally controlled access control system is no big deal for us.

Do you charge the same rates for residential and commercial buildings?

At 24 BH locksmiths, we have different rates for commercial and residential locksmith jobs, so there is no need to pay higher for your residential lock repair and installation.

There are some backup batteries in the lock for power failure situations, or you can check the manual for overriding the lock. If you can’t figure it out, call us to help you unlock the door without damaging it.

No, an automatic door has an encrypted security setup, and if you have a strong password and follow all the protocols, your building cant e easily hacked.

We understand your concerns; your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Therefore, we perform a complete scrutiny and background check of all our hired technicians. Moreover, we also get clearance from authorities, so there are no risks to your safety.

Yes, we have a complete range of all the components and spare parts for all models of door locks, and you can order them separately for your lock repairs.

Yes, our experts will devise a customized plan for your security system, and then we will get you a personalized access control system programmed according to your needs.

Keyless door locks are as easy to install as manual ones; you just need to get the technicalities right. With our expert technicians installing a keyless door lock will be no hassle at all.

Yes, all our procedures and workers have insurance. Also, if your property or door gets any damages or items are lost during work, we will compensate you.

At 24 BH locksmiths, we provide free consultation and estimation for your locksmith jobs. You can discuss your required procedures, and we will give you an approximate quote by mail or call.

We offer online, debit card, and cash payments, whatever suits you.

Yes, we can easily make some changes and get your lock with another key instead of replacing it just because of a lost key.

Yes, our locksmiths are experts in unlocking any door lock, dismantling it, and putting it back together like a new one. This way, your lock or door won’t be damaged during the unlocking.

Yes, there is a difference between commercial locks and residential locks. Commercial locks are much heavier and more secure than residential ones, so they cost more and are more durable to last longer.

Our emergency locksmith services are available 24/7, and you can contact us for lockout rescue, key making, and rekeying of locks in case of lost keys.

Our technicians are well-versed in all kinds of lock models and access control systems. Be it any old vintage lock or a new smart lock, there is nothing they can unlock and repair back. Our experts can fix everything from heavy manual locks to biometric-operated programmed systems.

Yes, we also offer the installation of garage door openers and their repairs. We also provide spare components for garage door openers and replace any springs or sensors that may be malfunctioning.