Security with convenience with keyless door-locking systems

Carrying multiple door keys and unlocking the doors manually is added hassle that you can now skip. Installing keyless doors to your residential and commercial buildings makes your building more secure and saves time and money.

Don’t worry about losing the key when you can just punch the password into the lock panel. Keyless doors come handier in commercial buildings and save you from the tiresome exercise of getting hundreds of extra pairs of keys, a master key, and an emergency key to unlock the doors.

So get faster unlocking, fewer lockouts, and critical making expenditure with seamless electronic door locks and access control systems. Add the mastery of science and technology to your building, making them advanced and safer.

What is the mechanism of keyless door-locking systems?

A keyless door lock or access control system is just like the regular door locks, but instead of a metal key that moves the pin to open the deadbolt, you need to enter the password. The computerized panel or sensor will make the deadbolt move or pins unlock through an electric-powered motor.

Locks can be operated via a particular combination of metallic keys, a biometric input, or a password. The back mechanism is similar to regular locks; even you can make your existing locks integrate with a chip and panel, turning them into keyless door locks.

Types of keyless door locks

Keyless door locks come in various variations and features. The general types of keyless door locks include the following:

Combination or password controlled

The most common type of keyless door lock is the password or combination-operated one. The owner can preset a password that the computer chip recognizes and move the bolts, or a combination of metallic keys must be turned or pressed to open the lock. These types of locks are cheaper and primarily suitable for residential buildings.

Biometric input

These door locks take a retina scan, thumb impression, or voice input to give access.

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth App operated

IoT or smart locks works through a WIFI connection or Bluetooth. You must install an app and give wireless commands via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to unlock the door.

RFID Locks

For these locks, you need a programmed RFID card or fob to which the detector will read and allow access.

Hybrid Entry locks

Those who need satisfaction can opt for hybrid locks that combine the safety of a manual lock and an electronic one.

Benefits of keyless door locks

Keyless door locks make your life much easier and save you from the frustration of finding the right key and opening the lock manually. Some of the key ways in which keyless door locks make them a better option for your homes and offices are as follows:

More control

Keyless door locks and computerized access control systems will give you complete control of your building’s security. You can manage access ids and timings and restrict access to certain rooms or floors to people as you like.

Remote monitoring

Electronic door locks and security systems give you remote access to your locks, and you can easily monitor them anywhere in the world. You can keep a tab on who is accessing your building, and if you feel some threat, you can instantly change the password and block anyone from entering.

No hassle of carrying keys

The first thing you enjoy with keyless door locks is the freedom to carry keys and remember which one goes in which door. End the stress of forgotten keys or emergency key-making to get you in at night. With keyless doors, just remember the password or connect to the wireless app. Although if you forget a lot, get a biometric one, so you need only a thumbprint or retina scan to enter.

Better security

Keyless door locks are encrypted and less prone to hacking or breaking than regular locks. Most models now come with an anti-temper glass and theft detection mechanism in which the lock will either lock itself or turns on an alarm in case of risk. So you get extra layered security with a complete check on whom to give access to or not.

No rekeying expenditure

Whenever you lose a key and fear it might get into the wrong hands, you have to rekey all the locks or change them. But that’s not the case with keyless doors. You can add or remove any new members on your door-locking dashboard and change passwords anytime you want.

Efficient for commercial buildings 

Keyless door locks are suitable for residential and commercial buildings but make commercial buildings and office spaces far more efficient. When so many employees access the building, there must be a complete tab on all entries and monitoring. With keyless doors, the owner can enter cards code or biometric inputs that will allow only authorized people inside the building. Moreover, access can only be limited to specific times and certain areas, which is impossible with manual locks.

Data logs for all entries

Digital locking systems give you complete data on all the entries and who accessed the doors or entered the building at what time. This gives companies the added benefit of getting attendance and login timings of all employee simultaneously.

Durable and long-lasting

Digital locks have fewer mechanical moving parts, which makes them wear off slowly, so they last longer and are durable for ages.

Add value to your building’s worth.

Digital locks and access systems will give a stylish and modern outlook to your building, and due to the advanced safety setup, the property’s value will elevate, and you can get a better deal on sales.

No more frustration of forgetting keys!

Keyless door locks make your buildings look sleeker and smarter while leveling up the safety net. You can easily change the passwords and combinations whenever you like and monitor your building security, even sitting on the North Pole.

They are durable and save you from the trouble of rekeying or lock replacement every time a family member or employee loses a key. Although when you buy keyless door locks or plan to install an access control setup, make sure to contact reliable locksmiths. Avoid falling for gimmicky ads, and always pick an expert in installing and delivering faultless security systems.